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About American Inn


American Inn Hotels & Suites are committed to the implementation of systems that translate into large benefits for customers and guests, in order to provide its customers excellence at all service levels.


To maintain the quality of our facilities and specialize in personalized customer service, by providing a first class lodging service.


“M” Award

American Inn Hotels & Suites deserved the ¨M¨ Award for fulfilling all the standards of quality of the modernization program, a recognition given by the Chihuahua State Secretary of Tourism.

This award recognizes the hotel industry commitment to technological development, constant improvement, human resources training and providing customers and clients with modern services and technology.

Our Hotels are proud of receiving this Award, assuring our customers lodging at a hotel with state-of-the-art technology that provides reliable quality services.

“Clean Spot” Award

American Inn Hotels & Suites have the ¨CLEAN SPOT” certificate, awarded by the Ministry of Tourism because our rooms meet the quality standards in the program of good hygienic practices for tourist facilities.

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