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On the Panamerican highway, 84 km south Chihuahua city is Delicias, a city originated in a hacienda property of Bartolome Ortiz de Campos, the first Spanish man that got the ownership of these lands. This prosper military and mine crafter, with great influence in the viceregal court, managed to increase considerably the size of the hacienda. After several owners, a portion of the hacienda was given to the Franciscan convent. In 1864, supported in the confiscation law, Juarez auctioned it to Jose Cordero, a businessman that paid 4,000 pesos for it and called it Hacienda de las Delicias.

In 1884, when the road of the central train from Ciudad Juarez to Mexico was planned, the embarking station Delicias was located within the limits of this hacienda. A great number of people arrived at this area when, around 1930, was created the irrigation system number 5, located between the Conchos and San Pedro rivers, so the official founding of the city was considered, around 1933. On January 1935 the municipality of Delicias was chosen as part of the neighbored territories of Meoqui and Rosales.

The production of cotton and the wine industry were its first economic bases, nevertheless, today, privileged by the multiple ways of communication with other sites of the state and country, Delicias has diversified its productive activities, specially the industrial ones.